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This is an in-depth look into the lives of misfits. The outcasts. The losers. The ones who just don't fit in..
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*boom* Natalie enters the room through cannon! [31 May 2005|05:53pm]

[ mood | creative ]

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StampedL Promo [08 Feb 2005|07:00pm]

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[30 Jan 2005|08:19pm]

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[30 Jan 2005|12:28pm]

[ mood | calm ]

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Applimacation [29 Dec 2004|11:45pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

The drummer from Def Leppard's only got one armCollapse )

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[29 Dec 2004|10:05pm]

[ mood | curious ]

GO CHECK OUT intellect_ ^^;

'cause i said so, BIYOTCH!

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[13 Nov 2004|04:08pm]

Sorry if this isn't allowed, since I haven't been stamped yet, but it's been a while, and it looks like I should get an accepted stamp...so...

if any of ya'll would really really LOVE to help me out, I will love you forever if you would read over my college essays. They're on my personal lj, urlilpixie, and are open to the public, so if you would read and comment, I will love you forever!!!!

Oh. And free cookies too. :)
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Long lost words whisper slowly to me... [06 Nov 2004|01:30pm]

[ mood | merf. ]

Somewhere beyond happiness and sadness...Collapse )

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Do you have a flag? [18 Oct 2004|10:06pm]

[ mood | calm ]

My name is Pierre! I come from Paris. I’ve come to have sex with your family.Collapse )

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[14 Oct 2004|10:51pm]

Hey luv's.

Join this community, it's awesome and shit.

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hey kiddsss [11 Oct 2004|11:51am]

I made a new community. I want to talk to the MOD of this one. I am a member. I have a community called: unlabeled_crew It has a lot of the same concepts as this community, but it's not the same. So if you wanted to be sister communities, that'd be rad. Also. I need more members, and so do you, so we could promote for eachother.

<3 Jacki
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[23 Sep 2004|11:03pm]

woah..i swear i tried to do my app under a cut. i honestly have no idea why it wont work. check my regular lj, my cuts havent worked in days. wtf mate?!

just didn't want you to think i was breakin' a rule..

much misfit love,
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application! [23 Sep 2004|10:27pm]

[ mood | content ]

<lj-cut text="keep the noise low, she doesn't wanna blow it.">

Name: tara jayne
Age: 14..15 in..less than a month. woot.
Gender: female
Birthday: 10/20/89
[Optional] What's your city? (closest major city to you): nyc..or greenwich..or the b-po.

What are your opinions on...

Gay Marriage? all for it. hey, full house taught us as kids that a non conventional family should be accepted right? this isn't any different. it's not exactly the way i swing but hey, more power to them. rainbow power.

Religion? i'm not toooo religious. i am a catholic, i dont go to mass much though. i'm accepting of all religions and athiests dont bother me as they do some people. i really dont have much of an opinion i guess.

Love? of course. i even believe in love at first sight. not until the moments justt right though. and in highschool? its entirely possible to be 'in love' with out actually loving someone or finding 'the one'

Politics? i'm pretty into it, but the less stressful issues. more along the lines of music downloading, dress codes, those type things. i am all for gay marriage though - thats a big one. as for bush and kerry, i think bush handled everything during his presidency to the best of his ability, but i have nothing against kerry either. my opinion of politics these days is that there's too many activists that dont have all the facts straight.

Life? i'll never understand it. but i'll try my best to make as many people laugh along the way..

Poking badgers with spoons? woah..sounds like a fun pasttime. howeverr..im an animal hugger. i dont wanna really wanna poke them. then again, spoons arent too sharp..so if the badger is ok with it..rock on.


Can you direct me to your Twinkies? take a right out of my comp. room door. slight right towards the stairs. do down the stairs. hang a right and go thru the foyer and keep right till you're in the kitchen. hang a left at the coutner and another left at the oven. open the cabinet. and dont be surprised if the twinkies are more like ring dings.. chocolate rocks.

What is the difference between a transvestite and a drag queen? umm..a transvestite is actually like physically undefined as a gender? and a drag queen is phsyically a man dressed as a chick? sorry im not more enlightened..

What does the death star do? "it does death"

Enlighten us...

Favorite bands: brand new, dispatch, the used, days away, something corporate, finch, dashboard confessional, jimmy eat world, third eye blind, nfg...

Favorite books: go ask alice, all 5 of the georgia nicolson books [angus, thongs and full frontal snogging..], of mice and men, and im starting the hitchikers series..im lovin' it..

Favorite comedian: (If you have one, if you don't, skip this one) george carlin.

Favorite movies: field of dreams, miracle, romy and michelle's high school reunion, mighty ducks [all 3], the ring

Describe yourself in 4 words: sarcastic, alternative, loves green.

What's your heritage? (We just think this is kind of a fun question.) irish, northern italian, german, and armenian. its pretty equally divided up, but the irishness is the most celebrated in my family..i mean my name is tara donovan. and i have alot of freckles. and i like green and believe in pots of gold. so..go ireland.

You're going on an island vacation, all expenses paid. Do you worry about an accident? no, everything happens for a reason. so why worry?

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go & why? europe [ireland, france, and germany]..and..six flags. all of them. roller coasters are my favorite things EVER.

What do you aspire to be someday? either a lawyer or a forensic scientist.

Tell us about the weirdest dream you've ever had. wow..um...oh yes..i was in a supermarkey but there was a water park in the middle. i was in the bread line and i see the olsen twins. we chat and i get their autograph. then i make my way over to the fruit snacks isle and see my wohle 8th grade language arts class sitting on the shelves. then all these kids i know are going down water slides and like, its all wet and people are running around like nuts.

What's your biggest pet peeve? the words "peeps", POSERS!!!!!!

What's your favorite word & why? i'd have to go with swizzle..cause it..sounds cool?

Why do you think you should be in this community? i'm suburban. and i'm a misfit.

You can post pictures here if you so wish. You will NOT be judged on the basis of your appearance.: once i remember my photobucket password..i'll get you a pick of you with the godliest drummer everrr [branden steineckert]..if i'm accepted that is.


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I was meant to fly. [23 Sep 2004|08:18pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

I don't know if anyone here is interested, but.. yeah. I think Craig is amusing.

Anyway. x_X Sorry for the lack of.. anything.. going on around here. I'm busy with school. I just moved out of state. I don't know what Lauren's excuse is. Here's a question for you all..

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
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hey.. [04 Sep 2004|04:22pm]
hey this was/is xxdark_love4xx i changed my username. do i have to apply again?

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[22 Aug 2004|05:04pm]


Biting. Because I run after my friends and bite them. And it amuses me.

Biryani. It's an Indian food, and I'm Indian, so...besides that, it's way way way yummy and I would eat it all the time if I could.

Baby. Because we were all babies at one point, and I was a pretty cute one.
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My pics! [22 Aug 2004|02:20pm]

Lola Ray. One of my favorite bands. Ever.

Lips. I have them.

Lupin. One of the two characters in my main Harry Potter ship. Snupin. My OTP.
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[22 Aug 2004|11:53am]

[ mood | crappy ]

I need a few opinions on this one, guys~

I'm thinking of leaving this community and one other I've joined, simply because of a lack of posting. I believe I've posted a total of twice since being accepted, not including my app. and it's just not right. I have absolutely no problem with the community whatsoever, so problems with the people, I'm just in a funk lately and at a severe lack of inspiration and motivation to post, anywhere. I read everything, and occasionally comment, but even commenting is a task for me and I haven't even been voting on new applicants regularly. So, pending strong reassurance otherwise, later today (or tonight, rather, HANATHON w00p) Ima delete myself from the list.

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Hahaha. [21 Aug 2004|07:05pm]
[ mood | bored ]


Hippos are lethal and will kill. They're unique and have big mouths. This one is saying, "FEED ME BURRITOS."

Because everyone hates theirs at some point, and it's very noticable.

Because it's my favorite Beatles movie, and a great album. ^_^
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New theme type deal. [21 Aug 2004|06:18pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Here's a new task. It's not the greatest, but.. whatever.

Find 3 things that start with the same letter as your first name/the name you go by & post pictures. Try to make them things that are somehow related to you & explain why you picked what you picked.
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